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About Us

About icharging...

  • ICharging Limited was established in 2007, designs andmanufactures innovative, intelligent,interesting and unique power bank.

  • Innovative: We always try to make new creative designs, we almostlaunch a new design in two months.

  • Intelligent: Many cosumers are caring about the safefy of power bank,our IC solution inside has intelligently charge, discharge and temperature protection, no need to worry about burn or explode.

  • Interesting: We would like to add some cultural and fashionable elementon the design, which will make the product live, we are not selling product,we are selling culture idea and fashion.

  • Unique: All our designs are private tooling made by ourselves, we havepatent for the designs.

  • Our advantage are great quality, fast response, good after sales serviceand competitive prices.

  • The factory is locating in Shenzhen, with 200 staff, 15 dedicated engineers, 8 QC personnel. The factory covers an area of 10000㎡ the annual capacity can be 2 million pcs. The production and quality conforms to international standard, now we have CE, FCC and Rohs certificates.